Revisiting Pinto Art Museum


The mandatory pose at the entrance of the museum

It was known as Pinto Art Gallery before and now it is called Pinto Art Museum. After 6 years, I had the chance to visit this place again.

The place is very different from what I remember. The old entrance door has been permanently closed and a new entrance door had been used. Everyone who enters the place is now required to register and pay Php 180 for regular guests while Php 150 for students. There are a lot of new beautiful structures that houses a lot of great artworks. I am particularly amazed at the huge gallery 1. They followed the terrain of the land and did not remove the rocks that were found on it. What they did is use the rocks as landscape design of the gallery which I think is really cool.

Here are some of the photos I took today. Enjoy! 🙂




Greek Like Structure




Art Appreciation

Gallery 2


Revisiting Lucban’s Pahiyas Festival

I love Pahiyas

It was 6 years ago (2009) when I first visited Lucban, Quezon for their annual Pahiyas Festival. I really don’t have any intention of going during that time but an officemate/friend and fellow photo enthusiast asked me if I wanted to join her and her friends because one of their friend backed out. Having had my first DSLR during that time, I said yes because of the opportunity to take pictures.

This year, I’ve decided to go back because a good friend told me that he really wanted to go and it is his first time to experience the festival. And being a good friend (I’d like to think I am) and travel buddy, I said yes. I didn’t have any intention to go at all prior to my friend asking me but I thought it is already time to go back.

The weather that morning was not tour friendly because it would rain then stop then rain again then stop and the sun will slightly peek then rain again. Geez… I can’t even take a proper photo during that time. But at noon the rain finally stopped and the sun finally shone. Down side is, it is too hot. hahaha!

It was a very tiring and yet another fun day with my friends. 🙂

Here are some of the photos I took during the day tour. ‘Till my next adventure kids! 🙂



Lucban Pahiyas


A Sea of Umbrellas

Head Dress


First Post About My Photos

I’ve had the chance of covering 2 kid’s birthday parties this year. I am thankful to two of my highschool friends who have been recognizing my talent on photography and trusted me to capture the moments during these occasions.

I’ve always loved how simple kids’ happiness are. How they flash those innocent smiles and their reactions to things that surprise them.

In the following photos, I tried to capture the kids’ facial expressions through my photos. I know I still have a lot to learn and your comments will be greatly appreciated.