Catching Up on Hollywood Films

Two weeks ago, I was finally able to bring myself to catch up with the huge films that was shown two or three years ago. Yup, I was finally able to finally watch The Wolverine, Hunger Games, Hunger Games Catching Fire and Silver Linings Playbook. Yeah, I know. I am already late but better late than never right? 😀

The Wolverine

I’m a big fan of the X-men franchise as well as awesome fight scenes so this film really got me engaged all throughout.

Hunger Games & Catching Fire

I remember attempting to watch this a few years back because it was a huge hit and everyone was raving about it. I was just on it’s first few minutes and decided to stop because I can’t handle the camera shakes of the film which I’ve read was intentional. I am just so glad I’ve picked it up again and finally finished it.

I really liked the movie that after finishing it I went ahead and watched Catching Fire and became an instant Jennifer Lawrence fan. lol! Which led me to watching Silver Linings Playbook.

Silver Linings Playbook

And because I have just been converted, I just have to see that Oscar winning performance of JLaw. hahaha!


For now, that’s it and I’ll write another post about my thoughts on JLaw’s movies & performance when I get my thoughts all gathered up. I just have too much things on top of my head today thus this very rushed post for today.

Til next post. 🙂