Day 30: Cruise Phase

Holla! It’s been a while since my last update. To tell you frankly, I didn’t lose any weight during that span of time because as I have mentioned in my previous post, I have not been entirely strict while I am doing this diet. Let us just say that I am trying to enjoy this diet this time around. I eat a piece of dark chocolate once in a while when I crave for it and sometimes eat a few foods that are not in the allowed list but only in moderation. Meaning, just a small portion just to satisfy my cravings. Also, I was not able to get enough exercise because of my busy schedule. Things have been crazy at work lately and stress has taken its toll on me. But I have to stay focused and be on track. I guess the little things that I do to cheat on my diet helped me get by everyday. hahaha! Oh, so much for justifying this. lol!

But to tell you frankly, a few people started to notice that I’ve shrank in size. I didn’t notice until someone brought it up to my attention. I noticed that my old fitted shirts are a bit hanging lose now and my jeans is a little lose than before. This only means that the Dukan diet is still working even though I’ve been cheating. hahaha!

Yesterday when I weighed, I was surprised that I lost another 2 lbs. That makes me 128 lbs. whoohooo! 8 more pounds to go and I am good. Because I am determined to hit my 120 lbs goal weight this time, I will have to extend my Cruise phase longer than suggested just to make sure that I hit my goal. So, wish me luck guys! Updates coming soon. 🙂


Day 7: Cruise Phase

Finally, the scale budged. Ha ha ha! I lost 2 lbs after cheating my way to day 7 of this phase. I think I am still within schedule, though.

For some odd reasons, I get hungry faster than usual during my PV days. So, I had to grab anything that can fill me up. I had a few almonds and a piece of extra dark Lindor chocolate whenever I felt that I need to eat something. I am thankful that I still lost weight after eating a few foods that are not allowed during this phase. And yeah, I am a very bad person and should not be followed.

Will update again soon. For now, I need to hit the sack. Good night folks!

Day 1: Cruise Phase


So, I have successfully finished my Attack phase. Today is my day 1 for my Cruise phase. I’ve lost 2 lbs after the first phase which is exactly my target weight loss. I am starting with my PV day today and prepared salad for lunch. Looking forward to more weight loss in the next few days. Will update you guys from time to time. 🙂

On Day 3: Attack Phase [Updated]

I am almost done with my attack phase today. During the end of my day 1, I weighed myself and found out that I am 133 lbs. My starting weight was 138 lbs, which I am starting to doubt. I might have weighed myself just right after eating. Thus, the reason I am so heavy. I am only supposed to lose 2 lbs max by the end of my attack phase. This morning, I weighed again and I am at 132 lbs. I am assuming that my starting weight should be 134 lbs and not 138. Yeah I know it’s not good to assume but I can’t afford to start over again because the Holiday season is nearing and too bad, I can’t cheat.

So, let me just tell you a little bit more on my observation this third time I am starting over the Dukan diet. My meals for the entire day are mainly composed of eggs and chicken. Well, you are right, I love chicken so much that I can live with it every single day. 🙂

Day 1 was just a breeze. It just felt like my ordinary pure protein day. I didn’t feel anything weird. I didn’t even feel hungry in the morning after breakfast which I usually do just after 2 hours. I snacked on 2 boiled eggs at about 10AM and was still full by lunch time. That is why, I wasn’t able to finish my entire packed lunch for the day and had to eat it later as an afternoon snack. I was able to do a little walking because I had to run a few errands to the grocery store before heading home.

Day 2 was still the same. I didn’t feel hungry at all. I didn’t have appetite to eat a lot during dinner, though.

On Day 3 (today), I felt hungry just after a few hours upon arriving at work. Let’s see if there will still be other notable things that I will observe after the day is done.


I had a major boo boo today. I craved for nuts and thought that almonds are allowed. After eating a few pieces, I’ve decided to check and voila! it was not allowed during the attack phase. hahaha! I am crossing my fingers that it will not affect my weight loss. Til the next post. 🙂

Dukan Diet: Back To Square One

I’ve been in this high protein, low carb diet since June 2011. This was the only diet I’ve tried that really gave me results. I’ve lost 26 lbs. after my first round but never got to hit my ideal weight. I’ve ditched eating rice and consuming sweets since then and never turned back. I just love how light I am.


The photo above was my before and after the diet photo.

Due to a lot of stress lately and a little indulgence, I’m back to 138 lbs which is not good. So, here I am back to square one.

Tomorrow’s going to be the first day of my attack phase. That will be 3 days of pure protein and the most difficult phase in this diet. I just hope I’ll be able to successfully hit my ideal weight after 61 days. Wish me luck kids.