Thoughts on The Legend of Korra Series


It has been two weeks since the series finale of The Legend of Korra (note that this post has been edited 9 times already because I cannot organize my thoughts for some reasons) and yet, I have not gotten over it. My head is still in a spin and I had to watch the last 2 seasons twice intently while looking for hints I never noticed during the first time I watched it. To put it bluntly, I really didn’t expect that Korra and Asami will end up together because I didn’t see the signs. Or was I just too naive to see it because hey, it’s a kids’ show! And even though, Brian Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino confirmed it, I am still wondering why I didn’t see it coming. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against its ending. By all means, it is the creators’ story to tell and I don’t think there is a better way to end it, I just felt that I was missing something. The truth is I salute the creators because they are so brave in representing the queer in this show. I love Korra since the beginning of the series up until the ending because I have a bias on kick ass female leads. And Asami is no less than kick ass even though she is a non-bender and I like her as well.

This sort of withdrawal syndrome from the series led me to this tumblog here which gives the fans analyses of Korrasami. Thanks to the author of the blog I was able to fill myself with the gaps I thought I missed. And yeah, I did miss those. I was just not the too much of an analytic type of person on the show that I watch and was not expecting it in a cartoon series.

Aside from the growing up lessons that each season has imparted to its viewers, the fight scenes are epic as usual. (Man, I love those fight scenes between Korra and Zaheer as well as the one with Kuvira!) I will surely re-watch the entire series given I have extra time in the future.

As what Bryan Konietzko wrote in his blog post: You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it… and that’s what I am going to do. So, now on to my next series please. 😀


In Flight

I just wanted to share this photo I was able to capture early morning of November 23. I was just amazed at how brave these kids are. I hope I could do that one of these days. Let me put that in my bucket list. 🙂

In Flight

My Boracay Adventure

This is another late post. hahaha!

Last October, my travel buddies and I went to Boracay. It was booked on a whim and to take advantage of cheap flights. To be honest, I never thought I’d ever set foot on this island because the water never really entices me. But boy, I was so glad I did.

It was a rainy weekend and we arrived in Boracay with slight rain showers. We were able to manage to take a walk during the evening but it poured overnight until early in the morning the next day. Good thing the rain stopped before we head to our first activity of the day, helmet diving.

Helmet Diving

Helmet Diving

It was quite an experience for me. I’ve never been in the bottom of the ocean my entire life or even swam the beach, simply because I cannot. For a moment, I thought I was hyperventilating during the first few minutes on my way down the bottom of the water. But when I got comfortable, I was able to overcome the fear I didn’t know exist. I am so proud of myself. lol!

We head back to our hotel after helmet diving to take our lunch. The rest of the afternoon was wasted by a not so pleasant experience but it was compensated by the beautiful view during the Paraw sailing.

My camera got soaked because of the waves while we were getting in the Paraw. I was worried that it might break or malfunction but good thing nothing bad happened.

Sunset in Boracay

Sailboat Crew

Boracay Sunset

I was in awe. There is only one word to describe the sunset, beautiful.

The next day, the sun was generous enough to show up and I was more than happy because it would be a great opportunity to snap photos.

Boracay Dude

Sail Boat

Child's Play

grotto in boracay

Too bad, we had to head back to Kalibo the same day for us not to miss our early fiight the next morning. It was a short but fun trip and I will definitely come back. But next time, I will make sure it’s during summer so that I can take more pictures and do more water activities. ‘Til next adventure folks! 🙂